Born2beRoot: I can be a super duper admin

Born2beRoot: I can be a super duper admin
Photo by ThisisEngineering RAEng / Unsplash

In my third coding project from école 42, I learned how to be super administrator. In other words: how to make the computer do anything you want it to do. But... with great power comes great responsibility.

About Born2beRoot

The goal of the project is to set up a virtual machine in a correct manner, with one important thing in mind: security. Once you set it up, you are put to the test by the evaluators, who will try to break your system. They will also test your knowledge and you have to defend the choices you made.

What I learned

During this project I discovered how the Linux operating system roughly and generally works. I had some previous knowledge because I used to run Minecraft servers on Ubuntu for friends, but I never really had a clue of what I was doing. It was a nice experience to understand how the basic principles relate to everyday tasks on a unix-based system, which gave me a greater self-confidence in future troubleshooting or looking up for answers to my problems online.


There isn't really code for this project, only a debian system image. Since the size of this image (4GB), I decided not to put it online. If you have any questions about this project, feel free to ask!