7 reasons why you shouldn't share your thoughts in a blog on the internet.

7 reasons why you shouldn't share your thoughts in a blog on the internet.
Photo by Cindy Tang / Unsplash
  1. It is a waste of time and energy. You will not been seen nor heard, because who could possibly be interested in you?
  2. Even if someone was interested, how will you ever be found? The internet already is so saturated with information.
  3. What do you have to say that is so important? You're not special or a person of any significance whatsoever.
  4. How will you know what works and what doesn't? You have never done this before.
  5. What if people start to think bad about you? They will say that you are annoying or worse... You will never find the right tone that doesn't offend anyone.
  6. You don't have to, so why would you?
  7. It has already been done before and so much better than you ever will.

Hey 👋, I am Yannick and I am proud to finally welcome you to my blog, because for years these doomsaying thoughts constantly went through my head. But, if you are reading this right now, then it means that I have finally taken the first step in the right direction.

Why it took so long to begin this blog

Right now, I am thinking about every word I am writing. I am writing one sentence and then I am correcting 5 others that I have already written before. I have made multiple versions of this post to make sure it exactly is what I had in mind, when actually this is supposed to be a simple introduction to what this blog is all about and why I am doing it.

I have a problem

I want a lot of things and I am addicted to new beginnings. I also do a lot of things but I never manage to finish them or get to them how I imagined it. Usually it is because I get caught up into details. Or because I am afraid I will fail and so I choose to not do them well (so I have an excuse for failing). Or I lose my focus.

Sometimes it even feels like I want to be unfocussed. I litterally just spent 1,5 hours of procrastinating by browsing Spotify and thinking about silly unrelevant things like "Let's see what we can find on the internet now on why Daft Punk has broken up" to finally have the guts to finish this post – that by the way in my head has to be super special and perfect. And then to realize that it is already in my drafts for one month!

Facing my problem

My problem is that I know very well what I do not want (e.g. other people telling me what to do without reason), but at the same time I struggle really hard to go for the things I do want (e.g. going out there in the real world to do stuff, make an impact).

So, in a way I hope this blog can help me overcome this struggle. I hope it can help me deal with my own insecurity and negative self-image by seeking discomfort and learning to be vulnerable.

Learning in public

In this blog I want to learn in public. A few months ago I dropped out of my university and now I want to share my road ahead with you. I want to share the challenges and lessons that are waiting for me in my proffesional career and my personal life.

Secretly I hope in that this blog can be of value for you as well. That there will be something you can take away for you in your own life.

We will see. Thank you for sticking with me.